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New to Prescribing Opioids? What You Need to Know to Keep Your Patients Safe

For patients with chronic pain, opioid medications can offer an important treatment option. If you are a clinician who is new to prescribing opioids, there are several important resources and best practices that can help keep your patients safe and properly treated while receiving opioids.

Centers for Disease Control Guideline…

Oct 26, 2018

Opioid epidemic’s 1-year cost: $504 Billion

The Council of Economic Advisors says that the cost of the nation’s opioid epidemic in 2015 was $504 billion, or 2.8% of that year’s Gross Domestic Product. “This estimate dwarfs estimates from previous studies,” the Council states in its February 2018 CEA Annual Report. The Council is an…

Oct 16, 2018