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State-Level Information on Drug Use and Misuse in America

Where are the hotspots for drug misuse in America? And what are the trends in your state? Quest Diagnostics has produced an interactive map that provides state-by-state information that can guide your thinking on problems in your area.

The map details state-level data on test results that are inconsistent with the physician’s prescription across the country in 2017, from Quest’s Health TrendsTMDrug Misuse in America 2018 report. It also indicates the change in overall inconsistency compared to 2016. Inconsistencies include presence of non-prescribed or illicit drugs along with prescribed drugs, non-prescribed or illicit drugs in the absence of prescribed drugs, and non-prescribed or illicit drugs, but absence of a prescribed drug. Data are also included on the most common non-prescribed or illicit drug found, often benzodiazepines or marijuana.

A full discussion of the data on which the map is based can be found here.