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Clinical Drug Monitoring & Analytics as an Objective Tool to Improve Patient Care and Reduce Risks Associated with Use of Controlled Substances

As the opioid epidemic continues to gain focus and attention throughout the country, more emphasis has been put on limiting use of opioids as the primary solution to stopping this public health crisis. Pain management clinicians and patients are feeling the impact of these restrictions. Yet, the problem endures. Not enough focus has been placed on educating key stakeholders on the benefit of clinical drug monitoring as an objective tool to not only improve patient care, but reduce risks associated with chronic use of controlled substances such as opioids, benzodiazepines, and amphetamines. Developing and implementing a responsible drug monitoring protocol can help identify use or non-use of prescription, illicit, and designer drugs.

  • Explore the benefits of having a clinical drug monitoring protocol that includes clinical drug testing
  • Review clinical drug testing: terminologies, types of testing, test results and what they mean
  • How drug testing data can be used to monitor the impact of implementing drug monitoring protocols and identify trends of drug use and misuse.